project Management & Reviews

With any large scale refurbishment activity from concrete refurbishment to tank refurbishment of protective coatings, ICM can provide personnel to assist clients at all stages.

This service includes the compilation and provision of detailed Scope of Work documents and Inspection and Test Plans to clearly lock in and identify refurbishment requirements prior to tendering, hence reducing possible variations at project completion. Project management on-site is also provided to ensure that the client is receiving the quality of product required to complete the refurbishment activity and provide a link between the client and contractor at all stages of the project.

Specification Compilation & QA/QC Services

Ensuring that clients receive the material most suited to the service environment for which asset protection is required, is best designed in liaison with leading manufacturers and suppliers. ICM can compile protective coating and concrete refurbishment specifications by ensuring a clear understanding of what is required is relayed to the manufacturers. This enables them to assist with the nomination products best suited to the service environment. A specification that works at one location is not necessarily correct for a similar service environment at a different facility. Many factors must be considered in the formulation of a specification whether it be concrete or steel to ensure the specification is technically most suited to the environment it is to be exposed.

Ensuring specifications are stringently adhered to is paramount for the success of any given specification. ICM can provide key hold point inspections on refurbishment activities to ensure the client is receiving works to a standard applicable to the specification. ICM inspectors are either Australasian Corrosion Association (ACA) or NACE accredited Coating Inspectors.

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